State Construction Projects | Federal Construction Projects

From commercial projects to state and federal projects, Elevate Construction can do it all. Our contractors have experience working on new construction, renovations, and remodels for state and federal government buildings.  While state and federal projects can be similar in nature to traditional commercial projects, they do vary from simple to complex.  Our scope for this type of work includes both small to large scale projects. Our team can handle something as small as a concrete replacement as well as large renovations or new construction projects. These may include public schools, courthouses, or other public government buildings.

Why Work With A Contractor Experienced in Public Building Projects?

While commercial and government projects may all seem very similar, the laws, terminology, and structure surrounding government projects do vary. Our management and team of contractors understand this and holds our work to a higher level of standards. Our scope of the project, processes, and requirements are detailed and highly structured to take on this work.  Our team ensures all federal requirements are met for quality, safety, and security during the process.  Contact us below for more information or to submit your request for proposal.


Often times, concrete repair is merely a short-term fix. Our team removes and replaces concrete suffering from deep cracks, sunken slabs, frost heave, or spalling. We specialize in the removal of concrete for building additions, structure removal, or old curbing.


We offer renovation, new additions, and new construction services for both federal and state government buildings. Whether you are looking to expand your current government office space or need to build a new one, our team can help.